The Chemistry Museum in Chania

The Chemistry Museum in Chania is the reconstruction of the first Public Health Laboratory of Greece, located on the second floor of the General Laboratory in Chania.

In the Chemistry Museum in Chania you can see the collection of instruments and appliances of the avant-garde chemical scientist John Vamvakas, who founded the First Public Health Laboratory of the city in 1895, during the Ottoman rule, and saw into the usefulness of the surveillance of public health.

The lab’s work and the offer of its founder were of utter significance, because of the huge amount of work it provided. It supported original publications, which the health authorities took into consideration and through which malaria was eradicated. In fact, in 1913 the book “The work of the Public Health Laboratory in Chania” was published, which constituted the first of its kind and an important chemical guide for many years.

The Chemistry Museum in Chania is open to visitors during working days and hours, due to the fact that the workers of the General Public Health Laboratory in Chania have been charged with the responsibility of operating the lab. For group visits you should first make a phone for details.

Hours of visits: Monday to Friday (working hours)

Address : Eleftherios Venizelos and Char. Trikoupi, Chania

Phone Number : 0032821042504


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