Chryssopigi is a settlement of Chania, which is essentially a neighborhood of Kantanos. It is built at an altitude of 527 meters and is located less than a kilometer from the municipality of Kantanos – Selino and 56 kilometers from the city of Chania.

Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in the cultivation of olive trees and animal husbandry. Besides, the olive trees around Kantanos and Chryssopigi is over 600 years old and oil production is a task in which is involved exclusively the largest percentage of residents.

The old name of Chryssopigi is Tsagkareliana and remains better known by this name of a Turkish origin place name for the locals.

In Chryssopigi, is located the Byzantine church of Saint George. The frescoes of the church were preserved by Byzantine Antiquities of Chania and are one of the attractions of the area, although a large part of them is lost.

During his visit, someone in Chryssopigi, worth seeing and the gushing source of the village, from where the river starts running through the area.

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