Church of the Prophet Elias

The Church of the Prophet Elias near the Graves of Venizeli, at Akrotiri, is located in “Froudia” and is just two kilometers from the city of Chania. Initially, during the Venetian period here was built the shrine of the Prophet Elisha.

In the mid 16th century, a second church was built, the Church of the Prophet Elias and in the original north wall an opening was created for the communication between the two churches.

The Church of the Prophet Elias was destroyed in the bombing of the hill in 1897 by the Great Powers and restored at the expense of the Tsar of Russia, who considered that the explosion of a cannon on the Russian flagship was the punishment of the Prophet Elias for the destruction of the temple. At later times, the church was renovated, thereby altering its original form.

In the landscaped space next to the church of the Prophet Elias Eleftherios Venizelos and his second son, Sophocles Venizelos, have been buried.

In the vicinity of the temples, you will see the beautiful gardens that are ideal for walks. From there you can see from above the entire city of Chania.

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