The Clock of the Garden

Inside the Municipal Garden of Chania, on its northeast corner dominates the Clock of the Garden, one of the most characteristic monuments of Chania.

The construction of the Clock of the Garden begun in 1924 and finished in 1927. It consists of three parts: the base, trunk (whose sides converge upwards) and the roof, which has the form of a circular pavilion.

For the construction of the Clock of the Garden kadunades (large stones) were used, from the then quarries of Lentarious and Chalepas and river sand. The plans of the clock had been made ​​by the engineer D. Kollaros.

Even today, almost a hundred years after its construction, the Clock of the Garden is a reference point for the residents of Chania.

Next to the Clock of the Garden, there is open-air cinema which has been operating here since 1905. Today it is the Municipal Theater, a necessary complement of the Municipal Garden with showings of quality films every summer, for the lovers of the 7th art.

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