Drapanos is a traditional beautiful village situated on a hill in the homonymous cape, at an altitude of 305 meters and is 29 km from the city of Chania.

In the village, you will find restaurants and a small grocery store, which has all the necessities, but if you get there do not forget to visit the lighthouse.

The lighthouse at Cape in Drapanos, is located three kilometers from the village, is a lively monument of the region. It was constructed in 1864 by the French Company of Lighthouses and it is still standing in good condition at an altitude of 50 meters, on the edge of a vertical cliff.

Like the other lighthouses of Crete, the lighthouse in Drapanos was joined in the Greek lighthouses network in 1912, while it was destroyed by the Germans in 1941, to be rebuilt in 1948.

The access to the lighthouse is easier from Drapanos through the street from the Red Village. Nearby is the Elephants Cave, whose entrance is into the sea.

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