Early Minoan settlement of Kastelli

The Early Minoan settlement of Kastelli is the most important settlement of the period that was discovered  in Crete. The center of this early Minoan settlement was the homonymous hill (Kastelli), where archaeological excavations have revealed big houses with large and well-built rooms, floors crafted with circular pits – fireplaces, walls, doors and ceramic products (pottery) of exceptional quality.

All these findings suggest that the Early Minoan settlement of Kastelli was developed into a commercial center, with the agricultural products of the neighboring plain of Chania and the fishing production being the reason behind this development.

The surrounding area has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC until today, which hinders the organization of the archaeological research and excavations, because of the continuous building that destroyed parts of the Early Minoan settlement of Kastelli.

Apart from the early Minoan settlement of Kastelli, if you go from the Public Market towards the east of the city, you will be able to see other archaeological sites of the Minoan civilization that were also discovered in Chania.

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