Elia Therissos Maisonettes

Elia Therissos Maisonettes are located in the historic village of Theriso, sixteen kilometers away from the city of Chania, thirty kilometers from Chania airport and nineteen kilometers from the port of Souda.

Theriso is a small village built at an altitude of 580 meters at the foothills of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori). It is known for its incredible beauty, its glorious history, as well as for its dairy products. Theriso played an important role in the history of Crete during the 19th century, since it was the birthplace of the Cretan revolutionaries Vasilis, Stefanos and Giannis Chali, who took part in most of the major battles against the Turks in Crete.
The glorious past and the reputation of the village come also from the fact that this is where Eleftherios Venizelos, based in the village of Theriso, declared the union of Crete with the newly built Greek State. His house has now been converted into a museum.

The beautiful village offers a wide range of accommodation and excellent restaurants where you can taste local specialties. Guests can also admire the cave located two and a half kilometers to the north of the village on the left bank of the river Kladisos, where traces of Neolithic and Minoan settlements were found.

Elia Therissos Maisonettes consist of two traditional Cretan maisonettes (design and decor) that can accommodate 6-8 persons, fully renovated, with an independent kitchen, refrigerator, safe, and a spacious bathroom. Each maisonette has a total area of 120 sq. m. and consists of two double bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms. All have verandahs and balconies and their own private parking.

Facilities: Internet, air conditioning, TV, fully equipped kitchen, parking.

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