Ellinospilios is located near the beach Afrata in the Municipality of Platanias. The beach is just one kilometer from the homonymous settlement and is three and a half miles from the Kolympari (or Kolimvari) and 28 kilometers west of the city of Chania, at Cape Rodopos.

From the popular beach, the entrance of Ellinospilios is at a short distance from the sea. To reach it you have to walk through a rocky area which is not adequately signed, while the cave itself requires special equipment to explore it.

In Ellinospilios, significant archaeological findings were found, like bones of humans and animals.

To enter Ellinospilios, it is absolutely necessary to have relevant experience and of course you should not forget to bring along with you the proper equipment. For the exact route and your safety, we recommend that you follow or consult a local, especially if you do not have relevant experience

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