Episkopi is a village in the province of Platanias, located south of Kolimbari, just 32 km from the city of Chania. The village is built at an altitude of 170 meters with only less than 40 residents left.

At Episkopi one of the most impressive Byzantine episcopal churches of Crete is found, the church of the Archangel Michael and the village is famous throughout the region.

The church of Episkopi – which was built in the 6th century –presents great archaeological interest thanks to its architecture and to its paintings. This is a unique building on the island of Crete. The large dome that covers the core of the temple is a distinctive characteristic of the church.

The mosaics in the church of Episkopi bear decoration which, according to the trend of the time, used to combine vegetable (vines, ivy leaves) and ornamental (scales, frames of intersecting circles) motifs with the interference of animate creatures (fish). The wall paintings of the temple have survived fragmentarily in four or five layers.

The village of Episkopi is a center of religious interest because of this temple.

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