Gate of Renier Mansion

The Gate of Renier Mansion is located on Moschon street and leads to the chapel of Our Lady of Renier and the Old Town of Chania. In the arched doorway of the Gate of Renier Mansion is preserved the Latin inscription MULTA TYLIT, FECITQUE ET STUDVIT DULCES / PATER, SVDAVIT ET ALSIT, SEMPER REQUIES CERENAT. CDC VIII. IDI. B. IAN, which is translated: “He brought a lot, did a lot and studied a lot, our sweet father, he strained and sweated. Let him have eternal peace”. The date indicates that the Gate of Renier Mansion was built in January of 1608.

The Gate of Renier Mansion, as well as the chapel, are the best preserved sections of the Renier complex, of the aristocratic Venetian home of the homonymous family that resided in Chania during the Venetian period.

Today the majority of the impressive complex still stands, although changed by the damages it suffered over the five centuries since its creation.

On the impressive Gate of Renier Mansion you can also see the coat of arms of the Venetian family.

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