Government House complex

During the Venetian rule in Chania, the city’s center was the settlement on the hill of Kastelli. The Government House complex, like most government buildings was located around the wide road through Kastelli (Via del Corso for the Venetians, current street Kanevaro).

The Government House complex (Palazzo) is at the end of the first vertical street, on Lithinon street. Today, the visitor can see the ground floor of the first floor of the complex, still standing to our days, albeit partially destroyed by time. The Government House complex even had a closed courtyard, which led to the “passageway”, a narrow corridor which is also to some degree preserved. The year 1624 is engraved on the doorframe of the Archive housed at the Government House complex and today you can see it from Lithinon street.

Kasteli remained significant for the Chania region and during the Turkish occupation, and within walking distance of the complex were built the Turkish Government House and the Prisons, where currently – since they were kept in very good condition – are housed services of the Technical University of Crete.

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