The village Kadros is located in Chania and is six kilometers from the center of Kantanos – Selino. In this settlement, stay about 60 residents, who are mainly engaged in land cultivation and animal husbandry.

Kadros is built on top of a hill at an altitude of 474 meters above the sea level. The view from the point is infinite to many points in the wider area of Chania and Kantanos.

In the area of Kadros, there is the archaeological site with the ruins – remains (vaulted tombs, etc.) of a city (for many of the ancient Kantanos) of Hellenistic period, i.e. the 4th century BC, according to what the British browser R. Pashley had recorded in two-volume work «Travels in Crete» , which was issued in London in 1837.

In Kadros, the visitor will encounter many Byzantine churches, but the most important of the village is that of Virgin Mary.

Kadros is located at a distance of 66 kilometers from the city of Chania.

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