Kakodiki is one of the largest villages of Kantanos – Selino, in Chania. It is situated at an altitude of 312 meters and is 8 km from the center of Kantanos and 65 kilometers from the city of Chania.

The approximately 500 permanent residents are mainly engaged with agricultural crops and animal husnadry.

In Kakodiki, you will find many churches with important frescoes and the small stone arched bridge (or arch), which was built by local craftsmen with a decision of the Cretan State in 1903, so that people pass over the river Kakodikianos  along with their animals.

The bridge of Kakodiki – one of the few arched in Crete – is characterized by the Direction of Modern Monuments as a preserved monument of the region, in 2005.

The name Kakodiki, according to some scholars comes from the Byzantine primary name ‘the Cathodic” or by other to an incident in an unfair trial (bad action) that took place ​​in the region during the era of piracy.

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