Karanos is a mountainous village of Platanias in Chania, with lush vegetation and interesting residential environment. It is built at an altitude of 493 meters and 24 kilometers from the city of Chania.

The natural environment of Karanos is characterized by two parallel gorges that end up at the Mavropiliotis River.

The most important gorge is the Gorge of Borjana that starts from the homonymous settlement and ends at Mavropiliotis River, after 1,800 meters. Along the Gorge there is a ruined watermill, caves, entrances of the old quarries that have opened because of the attempted extraction of iron (these quarries are locally known as quarries of Averof), the representation of forges that were used in the past for the production of charcoal, arcades and lush vegetation.

At the second gorge, the Gorge of Kidoni, you will find caves, three small waterfalls, the church of St. Demetrius and the Church of the Virgin Mary of Mousourenas. The length of the Gorge is 2,000 meters.

At Karanos operates the Women’s Cooperative “AGROTISA”, which deals with the preparation and the packaging of traditional products (food, fresh, aromatic plants), which are sold either at the place of production or in exhibitions of traditional products.

Every summer at Karanos, the Cherry Festival is organized with the participation of both locals and visitors.

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