Karave is the main port of Gavdos and it constitutes the southernmost port in Europe. There are only less than 20 residents live permanently in this area.

Next to the port, there is the beach of Karave, which is small and dotted with pebbles. It is the ideal choice to be cooled as soon as you arrive on the island or just before leaving Gavdos. Near the beach and the port, taverns and rooms are available to visitors.

Korfos beach and the picturesque chapel of Agios Georgios are located nearby Karave.

A path connects Korfos Beach to the port of Karave. However, visitors can use the suburban bus to move around. In the wider region of Korfos there are ruins dating from the Late Minoan Period (1600 BC).

Karave, with its colorful taverns and its few houses, is actually the first impression of Gavdos that tourists have the opportunity to see.

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