Kastri is the capital of Gavdos. The village is built at an altitude of 236 meters. In this village visitors can find rooms for rent and hostels that are open and available all year long, as well as traditional taverns. At Kastri you will have the opportunity to taste the specialty of the island is stewed wild goat, cooked with fresh flavorings.

Kastri, Xenaki, Vatsiana and Ambelos are some of the villages of the island where the stone houses, left to decay in time, remind the visitor of old times when the island was at its peak and life there was full of prosperity.

From Kastri paths and paved roads lead to all parts of the island. From the capital of Gavdos visitors can take the suburban bus to go to the neighboring villages, to Kastri or to the beaches.

If you visit Gavdos, an excellent proposition for you is the lighthouse of the island, a place from where you can admire the endless view of the blue sky and the sea.

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