Kato Sarakina

Kato Sarakina is a cave located about 2.5 kilometers north of Theriso, at the foothills of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) and at a distance of 16 kilometers from the town of Chania.

Kato Sarakina, which is also called Elliniko, has a total length of nearly 12 meters and it is presumed to have functioned as a sanctuary in antiquity.
In the past, several ostraca from the Neolithic, Minoan and Geometric periods were found in Kato Sarakina.

Apart from the cave, ideal for nature lovers, the area is also famous for the green Therisiano canyon with a river passing through it and dense trees and a length of up to 6 km, while at the location of Tris Ekklisies you can see the “Kamara” as the locals call it, an old stone bridge.

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