Krinios Studios

Krinio’s Studios are located in the heart of the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania, on a cobbled pedestrian street lined with historical Venetian – style buildings dating back to the 14th century. Just seconds from the water and just minutes from the beach, one can enjoy relaxing walks, traditional food and a breathtaking view of the lighthouse. The studios of Krinio’s Studios are hosted on a two story building and have been recently renovated, providing all modern comforts to its guests. Towels, linens and commonly used toiletry items are included.

Chania city is the capital of the prefecture of Chania. It is a beautiful town where Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture blend together in perfect harmony. From Krinio’s Studios you can have easy and quick access to various archaeological sites, picturesque mountain villages, stone build churches, natural caves and impressive gorges which are only few of the attractions that embellish the surrounding area of the town.

Among the many beauties of Chania are its numerous beaches. From warm sand to colourful pebbles, there is a type of beach for everyone and you can discover them all having as a base Krinio’s Studios. Small and secluded caves, as well as long, busy and fully equipped beaches, can be found everywhere. All with crystal clear blue waters!

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