Kyparissos is a hilly village, located at an altitude of 100 meters and 19 kilometers west of the city of Chania . The small settlement is strewn neighborhoods and its about 100 permanent residents are mainly engaged in farming and cultivation of land.

The name Kyparissos was derived from the high, perennial cypress, present in the churchyard of the village and gave its name to the whole settlement. The “old – cypress” is located in the grounds of the church of Saint George Tropeoforos and it is also the cemetery of the whole area.

In Kyparissos, there are also several notable churches for the visitor , such as the church of Prophet Elias in Maroulachiana, the church of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, which is a private chapel and celebrates every year, on 9th of April.

The settlement Maroulachiana that had been created at the end of Ottoman rule, with the descent of Lakkiotes, in the region that  is owned to  Kyparissos and is one of the districts that comprise it.

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