Laggos is a small semi mountainous village, located at an altitude of 220 meters in the central part of the county, 18 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania, with approximately 40 permanent residents.

Near the village you will find the entrance of the Gorge of Laggos, which leads to the neighboring village Meskla.

Laggos is a truly beautiful and almost untouched gorge. However, crossing it requires knowledge of rappelling. Nevertheless there are only a few very small parts of the gorge that can be crossed by using the method of rappelling (descent with ropes).

The gorge is verdant with trees, huge cypresses and oaks. You will find running water only in the winter, so you should take water and other supplies from the village of Laggos before starting to cross the gorge.

It takes approximately three hours to descent the Gorge. While leaving Meskla, and more precisely at the west bank, the Gorge forms a huge rock of almost 40 meters heigh. The rock seems to be suspended and on its top there is a rock shelter. This rock is called “The Tsouni of the Bee”.

According to the tradition, a huge hive of wild bees used to live in this rock shelter. In fact the hive was so big that was visible even from the village!

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