Lake Agia

The artificial Lake Agia is located near the homonymous village, just 9 km from the city of Chania. It is a small lake of 450 acres, which is connected to south with the valley of Fassa. This valley is considered as the most damp one on Crete.

The area receives water from underground springs and the river Xekolomeno. D.E.I. (Public Power Corporation) was the one that “created” the Lake Agia, for the production of hydropower energy. Now the factory is not operating, but the visitors can still see the old facilities.

Lake Agia hosts a large variety of species of flora and fauna of Crete. It is also the refuge for many migratory birds. The ecological importance of this wetland is evidenced by the fact that the area is protected by international treaties.

But in recent years, the irrigation projects in the region have reduced its size and in some places the Lake Agia has again turned into a marsh.

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