Lake Macherida

The small lake Macherida is located in Cape Tersanas, just 14 kilometers northeast of the city of Chania and near the beach Macherida.

The water of Lake Macherida is brackish. According to the scientists, the lake is characterized as karstic and doline. The term karstic is geomorphologic, featuring internal morphological elements, created in the limestone rocks.

The dolines are deep puddles or holes formed, as a rule, from the erosion of soil in some places. Dolines, such as Lake Macherida, are mostly found in areas with limestone rocks.

They are usually formed as follows: rainwater passes in the subsoil and gradually degrades the limestone rock, thereby creating underground cavities and caves. In some cases, these caves are gradually becoming so large that they can no longer withstand the weight of their roof. Thus, the ground above it collapses and large or smaller holes appear.

Lake Macherida is an important wetland that hosts snakes, turtles and migratory birds. The access is easy, as it is right next to the road leading from Tersana to Macherida.

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