Liviko Apartments

Liviko Apartments is located at the mythical village of Frangokastello, around 15 kilometers east of the Center of Sfakia, on the north part of Crete.

Set at the end of a sandy beach, wrapped in silence and surrendered into the hands of history “CASTEL FRANCO”, as the Venetians called Fragokastello, rises melancholically through its imposing presence. Six centuries in this corner of Crete, it stands on the same spot, it lives between the dimension of myth, history and time and claims a position in the glorious history of the unconquered Sfakia.

Liviko Apartments provides apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms. The apartments that have 2 bedrooms are situated at the ground floor of the building and can host up to 5 people each. They have a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious bathroom, a large bedroom with a double bed and satellite TV, and a second bedroom with two single rooms. In the sitting area there is a couch that can be turned into a bed for a 5th person. You can enjoy moments of relaxation on the porch, with a great view at the garden and direct access to the sea.

The one bedroom apartments are on the first floor and can home up to 4 people each. The entrance to the building is next to main road, through a small and secure yard. They provide a fully equipped kitchen and a big bedroom with a double bed and satellite TV. There is a spacious bathroom and a big sitting area suitable for two extra guests. From the balcony you can enjoy the lovely view to the Libyan Sea.

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