Maridaki is a fish restaurant  that specializes in cooking fish and seafood. It has a great variety of salads, legumes, vegetables, some kinds of meat and mostly fresh fish and grilled, fried and stewed seafood.

Every day, we cook whatever fish and seafood we find every day in the market and that is how we form our daily menu. E.g. if today there is fresh cuttlefish, we will cook them as grilled, fried, with pasta, with fennel and olives or in risotto, etc. There might be fresh codfish that can be cooked on grill, stir, soup with tomato sauce, with potatoes or cauliflower etc. We also work the same way every day, depending on what the market has, according to the weather and the season. We work with fresh clams, fresh shrimp, fresh squid and fresh octopus whenever they are on offer.

The main objective of our cooking is to combine fresh fish and seafood of the season with legumes and vegetables of the season, all at the lowest possible prices for the quality we offer. At our storefront there are fresh fish & seafood, from where the customer can choose what to eat and how it will be cooked. Moreover you can order food cooked in any way and take it away or you could come whenever you want and sit here to enjoy it.

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