The monument of Anavos

The monument of Anavos is a marble slab situated on a rock at the location of Anavos, at Selinos, Chania. The monument was erected there as a “witness” to the great victory of the Greeks against the German army in August 1944. The battle was between the Greek regular and reserve army and the invaders, just before the end of the Second World War. The Nazi Germans left the battlefield counting heavy losses, which contributed significantly to their final defeat, not long after.

More precisely, the memorial is inscribed with the following phrase: “HERE, AT ANAVOS, ON 08/04/1944, GREEK MEN OF THE REGULAR AND THE RESERVE ARMY ATTACKED THE GERMANS CAUSING THEM SERIOUS LOSSES”.

This attack, according to the way the Greek rebels recounted it, was in fact an ambush against the German army, at Anavos.  After one hour of fighting between the rebels and the Germans, the enemies and invaders retreated, leaving behind seven dead and seven prisoners.

The monument was erected in 1983.

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