Monument of Kandanos

The Monument of Kandanos is located on the main square of the historic village of Chania, to remind everyone, even those who simply pass from this location of martyrdom, the brutality of the German Nazis that lashed on Kandanos in June, 1941.

The Monument of Kandanos consists of three slabs of marble. Two of the marbles are copies of the wooden inscriptions left by the Germans at the entrances of the village after the disaster and the third marble was brought by the conquerors in 1943 and left there, uninstalled.

The three slabs of marble of the Monument of Kandanos are inscribed both in German and Greek, as are the initial ones of the Nazis. “Here was Kandanos – destroyed in reprisal for the murder of 25 German soldiers, burned to the ground so it will never be rebuilt”. Those are the words inscribed on the marble of the Monument of Kandanos to remind everyone that Kandanos was completely destroyed and burned by the Nazis because of the heroic resistance of its inhabitants.

The original slabs of the Nazis, part of the Monument of Kandanos, are hosted in the museum of the village. These inscriptions are considered historical monuments for all of Europe, not only because the Nazis have never left any written proof of their crimes elsewhere, but also because they have never emphasized that much on the resistance they encountered.

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