Neo Chorio

Neo Chorio is built in the hinterland of Chania, in a basin with lush vegetation, olive and orange trees. Madamas River crosses the village, which belongs to the municipality of Apokoronas and has about 500 permanent residents. Neo Chorio is located 25 kilometers from Chania, in the southeast side.

At Neo Chorio, visitors have the opportunity to admire the ruins of Kules, a fortress that was built during the Ottoman period, over older ruins dated from the Venetian era. From this fortress, the entire area around was controlled and protected, as it was manned by warriors, who fought the enemies through the turrets of the fortress.

At Neo Chorio you will be able to see the historical house of Sarides, a complex of a feudal residence, including a house and an olive mill with warehouses of the pre-industrial period.

Visitors can make a stop at the central square of Neo Chorio with the old platanus and the well, to be cooled and taste wonderful specialties and all sorts of delicacies, in all the small taverns of the village.

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