The town of Nerokourou with 4,000 residents is located east of the village of Mournies at the foot of the mountain Malaksa, at an altitude of 73 meters, just three and a half kilometers from the city of Chania.


In Nerokourou, in 1976, in the area of St. George, the archaeologists had discovered Minoan Settlement (the period from 1700 to 1600 BC) so had been designated point of archaeological site by presidential decree. These findings are today located in the Archaeological Museum of Chania.


In the settlement of Nerokourou, you will find the way to the Turkish cafes, where prominence point has the “high coffee place” an abandoned two-story building, with strict geometric structure and well preserved walls.

In Nerokourou, you will see the abandoned oil-press with the damaged facilities anymore and the semicircular arch of carved limestone.


In the village, there is a small plateau in the place of the old mosque, surrounded by buildings of typical local folk architecture of Nerokourou.

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