Nymfi Restaurant

Nymfi Restaurant is part of one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Western Crete, Agia Marina. The landscape is a wonderful combination of green hills decorated with olive trees and golden sand beaches that enclose the Cretan sea. Agia Marian has been a favorite destination for many loyal visitors, since it can be a base from where to organize a number of excursions to the nearby attractions and villages. The area itself offers a number of options for entertainment, while being only a few kilometers away from the town of Chania.

The restaurant was founded in 1996 and it belongs to the Mouskountaki Family. Since day one, their goal is to offer high quality dishes and excellent service to their clients, a goal that is still the same. The venue is beautifully decorated with stone and wood whereas there discrete traditional details. The restaurant is surrounded by a green, aromatic garden that adds to the wonderful environment. The carefully designed venue compliments perfectly the restaurant’s culinary suggestions.

The Cretan cuisine, family recipes and Mediterranean flavors, are all combined in perfect harmony and form the restaurant’s versatile menu. Nymfi’s Restaurant Chef uses fresh and local ingredients to construct his dishes that burst with flavor and quality. They also have an exquisite selections of wines that complement the dishes. Some of the Chef’s specialties that everyone should try are casserole lamp, lamp with yogurt, bali chicken fillet and salmon.

Nymfi Restaurant is inspired by the Cretan tradition and nature. It is a unique suggestion for the lovers of the Mediterranean cuisine. Taste some of the best Greek food, while relaxing in a green and cool environment that the owners have created with love for their eclectic guests.

At the Nymfi’s Restaurant yard there is also a playground, where the young visitors can have a safe, yet entertaining time.

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