Ok rental

Ok rental car agency in Chania of Crete welcomes you to sunny and beautiful Crete, an island that can give you unique, wonderful and unforgettable moments. Our company provides the highest quality services regarding car rental (cars / bicycles, scooters and buses) at very reasonable and competitive prices and special offers for rental online.

Ok rental is a new family business that was founded in the area of Agii Apostoli of Nea Kidonia, 3 km away from Chania of Crete, in 2005, to upgrade the quality of services in the field of short or long term rental of private vehicles and the quality of providing services.

Today, Ok rental is one of the best rental companies of cars / and other vehicles in Crete, based not on the number of vehicles, but on the quality of service. So, our aim to keep the quality in service for all our customers without exception, prevents the uncontrolled development of our company.

Our staff can deliver the car that meets your needs to the port or airport of your destination or at your place of residence or wherever it is convenient for you.

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