The Motorsport Centre Pistapark features an ultra-modern kart track, designed and approved by the FIA ​​and CIK in 2006, with a length of 1,100 meters and a width of 8-10 meters. It has 5 right turns and 7 left and is fully lit so you can enjoy it under any conditions. The track is also available for SuperMoto, Drift, GPTuning, Rally.

The more experienced drivers can test their skills on the separate Motocross dirt track. For modelers there is also a track for RC cars (remote control baggy). The Pistapark racetrack also has electronic time keeping function for each vehicle racing, whether rented from Pistapark itself or privately owned. This way you can watch the best times have been done for each round in the race track by kart, motorbike or car. All courses are timed according to the latest professional timing models (best time, lap time). All rented karts are regulated by an electronic speed system for safety reasons.

Pistapark is 5 km from the city of Chania, in the lush area of ​​Varipetro with dominant element the orange trees, so you should be able to enjoy motorsport in an authentic natural Cretan landscape. In the café with spectacular views of the mountain, sea and plain, you can enjoy your coffee, drink or tasty snacks such as pizza, club sandwich, chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, salads etc at low prices, while observing the events on the track hosting up to 2000 people. It features a specially designed area of ​​fun electronic games for children and adults alike.

The space is ideal for all kinds of events and events such as children’s parties, concerts, etc.
Free Transfer: Pistapark provides free transport for its guests, up to 8 people with the Mini Bus, from their hotel or planned meeting place.
Rentals for four-stroke Kart:
SODI RX7 (Honda 270 cc) – SODI RX7 Kids (Honda 150 cc)
12 € / 10 mins
22 € / 20 mins
Race Offer 30 € / 30 mins
15min train + 15min race
• Moto 10 € / day
• Motocross 10 € / day
• Cars 20 € / day
• Bicycles Free

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