All Saints

The All Saints is a new settlement in the prefecture of Chania, built at an altitude of 156 meters, located 26 km from the city of Chania. It belongs to the municipality of Apokoronos.

The soils around All Saints are very fertile and about 120 permanent residents are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. They mainly produce good oil and fine wine.

The All Saints took their name from the homonymous majestic cathedral that you see in the village. According to the tradition, around 1900 Stavros Nikiforakis of Melidoni and John Courakis from Kyriakoselia are settled in the area and were the creators of the modern settlement.

During the same period, according also to the popular tradition, the monk John Papayannakis has restored the ruined church of 12th century in the center of the All Saints. He started a fundraiser and to anyone who helped him financially, he promised that he will give his name to the new church, as the name of the old was not known.

In the end and because there were many donors, he was decided to call it All Saints to satisfy all who had contributed.

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