The Hillside Home

The Hillside Home in Platanias is a unique choice if you want to enjoy your holidays and take pleasure in a breathtaking view.

The house, with its magnificent view and the modern decorations, is located on the hilltop of the picturesque village of Platanias.

Another characteristic that makes our villa special is that it is kept in the family, passing from generation to generation, along with a traditional oven.

In the apartment of The Hillside Home there is a large and fully equipped kitchen with a separate dining area, bathroom with shower and an extra room which can be used as a bedroom and can accommodate up to three people.

There is also a spacious balcony from where you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.

What is more, every morning, the family that owns The Hillside Home brings you a basket full of freshly baked products.

Parking space is available very close to the villa.

If you want your vacation to be pleasant and quiet, whilst overlooking a lovely view, then The Hillside Home is the ideal choice for you.

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