Traditional Settlement Samonas

The Traditional Settlement Samonas, in the village of Apokoronas in Crete, built at an altitude of 400m. and 25 km. from Chania, is a complete and renovated neighborhood.

The settlement is built on a hillside and oriented in such a way that it offers an impressive view from all the dwellings. From here one has the impression that he can touch the Lefka Ori, and at the same time dive into the deep blue sea.

The Samonas is a beautiful and quiet village that still retains its original character, as it is very small and few residents still live in it.

All the houses are two-storey (maisonettes) with unlimited view to the mountains and sea. The houses are exclusively built with stone and wood to match their surroundings. Each one is built at a different level due to the steep slope, with common courtyards, as well as independent verandas or balconies and quiet corners.

All the houses of the Traditional Settlement Samonas have two main entrances with traditional rustic locks and big iron keys. They are decorated with many small folklore objects and antiques. Even though they differ in size and layout, all offer the same comforts and luxury.

During night time, in the Traditional Settlement Samonas, thousands of stars will magnetize your eyes, while during the day, the melodic sounds, vivid colors, captivating scents, pure flavors and the close contact with nature will awaken all your senses and their memory will remain unforgettable.

The Traditional Settlement Samonas guarantees that you will experience unique moments of relaxation and tranquility in an authentically traditional area, without missing any of the comforts of modern life that we have discreetly incorporated in all the dwellings.

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