Turkish Hamam on Katre street

The Turkish Hamam on Katre street, is one of the public baths built by the Ottomans, when they occupied Chania. It is located in the old aristocratic district of Kasteli, in the old town of Chania.

It is a building surrounded by vaulted arcades and smaller domes. The central space of the Turkish Hamam on Katre street is covered by a lower spandrel. There used to be a second floor, while part of the perimeter buildings has been destroyed.

The Turkish Hamam on Katre street is a type of Turkish bath that continues the tradition of Roman and Byzantine baths, with the underground “hypocaust” and the earthen pipes that carry hot water and steam to the appropriate places.

The district of Kasteli is located on the hill above the old harbor and is the first core of the city of Chania, as is made evident by the Byzantine walls that  in the area and the Turkish Hamam on Katre street is only one of the monuments of the area.

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