The Vaulted Tomb of Fylaki

The Vaulted Tomb of Fylaki is located on a hillside next to the small village of Fylaki at Apokoronas province, Chania. It dates from the Late Minoan period (14th-13th century BC) and it was excavated in 1981.

A long and narrow downhill road leads to a square chamber, on which the pyramidal roof is based. The Vaulted Tomb of Fylaki is carved into limestone and the chamber is made ​​of fine, rectangular stones.

From the vaulted tomb there are only a few stones missing, after a looting that took place at an unknown time. Moreover, the barrier of the entrance was also destroyed.

The exact number of those who were buried in the vaulted tomb of Fylaki is not known, even though bone relics were found scattered everywhere in the tomb. The only definite findings are the bones of at least one adult and one child. Traces of fire with burnt bovine bones could possibly be interpreted as an animal sacrifice.

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