Villa Mercedes Club – Restaurant

…is undoubtedly the place to be.

Villa Mercedes is really a unique experience  and the ultimate meeting point. It is one of the biggest clubs in the world. All began in the summer of 2009 – since then, the club will take your breath away.

It is located in Agia Marina, relatively close to Platanias, only 6.5 km away from the city’s center, in one of the most popular beaches of Crete, where thousands of holidaymakers pass their vacation.

Undoubtedly, it takes more than one night to see everything in the club. When you enter the main space, you will be impressed by the colored lights and the sound system. You won’t believe your eyes, when you face the huge outdoor area with palm trees, the champagne and cocktail bar, large sofas, sushi bar, and a spectacular view to the sea. Villa Mercedes Club – Restaurant is like a chameleon, as it easily changes from one night to the other.

Enjoy the special Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine, under the guidance of experienced and renowned chef and enjoy high standard service. The restaurant’s area is located in the club, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an evening of fun after your meal or just enjoy your drink. Enjoy your dinner under the shade of palm trees on an exotic decor next to the beach. Villa Mercedes Club – Restaurant is the meeting point for friends, celebrities and all those who know how to have fun at night with the guarantee of the famous club.

Villa Mercedes Club – Restaurant attracts clubbers from around the world, who want to experience the atmosphere of Crete. Holidaymakers, locals and celebrities become one group and live memorable nights til the sunrise.

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