Voutas is a small mountainous town of Chania, located at an altitude of 264 meters. It belongs to the municipality of Kantanos – Selino and 70km from the town of Chania. Voutas was one of the major shopping mountainous villages of Chania until the 1970s. Currently, there are less than 60 residents in the settlement.

Special monument near Voutas is the Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi. The temple is located 500 meters west of the village on the road to Kalamio and Sklavopoula after the oil-press, in a curve of the road.

Inside the temple Voutas, you will see frescoes painted in the 14th century. Of these, it is distinguished and creates special interest to worshippers and scholars of the evolution of the Christian religion, as representing the punishments that await sinners in hell.

The mural depicts with a lively manner, the punishment of the damned and is so graphically designed to create awe and fear among Christians. If you find yourself in Voutas not forget to visit it!

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