Zounaki is a village of Platanias, in Chania, Crete. The village is built at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level and is located 25 kilometers west of the city of Chania. The permanent residents are approximately measured as 60.

At Zounaki there is also the famous brewing industry of Crete, which produces the local beer of Chania, known with the tradename “Harma”. In this industry, which is one of the eight existing in Crete, there is no mechanical, thermal or chemical processing, in order to make the beer durable. The product is produced without additives, preservatives and stabilizers, so it must be stored in the fridge, just like every fresh beer.

From Zounaki, besides the famous beer we mentioned above, you can also procure oranges and olives. The village is built among orange and olive groves and the cultivation of these species constitutes the main occupation of the permanent population.

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