Fylachto is located 2 kilometers away from Tychero , near the west bank of the Evros river. The village is picturesque and famous for the petrified forest of the area, aging about 40 million years. In Fylachto was found a petrified oak trunk of 19 meters, the age of which dates at least 25 million years back. This fact brought Fylachto to the forefront of the paleontological and archaeological interest. A rectangular canopy at the edge of the village guards the monstrous trunk, while you can see more fossils in the courtyard of the primary school.

The old name of Fylachto, Simili, derived from the word Simen that means akritas – guard. The village seems to have taken its name from the two bridges, which were outposts. Its inhabitants are refugees from the villages of the eastern area of Makra Gefyra, located near Evros, and settled here after 1922.

From the west exit of Fylachto moving towards the edge of the forest, in a clearing, where hot water spurts and used to exist baths of the late Roman era, are found some wooden houses – a leisure complex, suitable for alternative forms of tourism.

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