The northeastern border of Greece, acritic Evros in Thrace, is an area of untouched natural beauty, cultural composition and environmental importance.

The northern end of the prefecture is called “Triethnes”, as there you can meet three different countries (Greece-Bulgaria-Turkey). The eastern natural border of Greece is the river Evros, which is the largest in the Balkans.

The capital of Evros, Alexandroupoli is built to the south of the prefecture. The port of Alexandroupoli, with the beautiful lighthouse – the point of reference of the city, is one of the most important ports in the region. The Airport of Evros is located just outside the city and is connected daily with Athens. Apart from Alexandroupoli, which occupies the southern part of the region, Evros is divided administratively into three other areas: Soufli, Didymoticho and Orestiada. Evros also has the unique island of Thrace, Samothrace, a place of outstanding natural beauty.

Whole Evros is an area of outstanding natural beauty with 13 protected areas. The most important are Evros Delta, the forest of Dadia and the natural beauty of Samothrace. The cultural monuments located within the limits of Evros are also important destinations for thousands of visitors who travel every year to the edge of the country: archaeological sites, Byzantine monuments, castles and churches, monasteries with great history, modern famous festivals in the Balkans and traditional customs that revive the history.

In Evros the human presence has been certified since prehistoric times, while Kikones inhabited the area according to the descriptions of Homer.

This acritic prefecture offers to visitors almost every kind of tourism.

  • Evros - Access

    All access information to Evros, whether you are looking to travel by airplane, car, boat, train etc. Learn how to get there no matter your starting point.

  • Evros - Archaeological Sites

    The ancient Homeric land of Cicones, that is Evros, has to show numerous great archaeological sites that attest its long history. The archeological sites in Evros are mostly located on the coastline of the county and they are related to the periods of prehistory, ancient Greek antiquity and Roman rule, at the end of antiquity.

  • Evros - Beaches

    Discover all beaches of Evros on the map, with transport information and nearby points of interest. Popular or hidden beaches, family or nude, with a restaurant or beach bar on the coast, you will find it in TerraBook.

  • Evros - Buildings

    The capital of Evros is one of the cities that were created in the late 19th century. Previously, there was in the area just a small port, called Dedeagatch and it served mostly fishermen. However, with the advent of railway network things changed and soon Dedeagatch became commercial and maritime center. At that time were built most of the historic buildings of Alexandroupolis. Those preserved until today are creations of special architectural value and belong to the city’s attractions.

  • Evros - Churches

    Evros is a region with a wealth of churches, with a long tradition. At that time, some of the most remarkable monuments of the Byzantine tradition were built in the region; not only in Greece but also in all the conquered regions of the Byzantine Empire. Along with the churches, in Evros someone can meet hundreds of chapels and monasteries with great work, some of which exist just a few decades.

  • Evros - Cultural Attractions

    Discover all sights & points of interest of Evros on the map, with transport information, hours of service and contact details. Everything you should do & see on your trip.

  • Evros - Hospitals - Health Centers

    In Alexandroupolis operates one of the university hospitals of Greece, under the auspices of the Democritus University of Thrace. The University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, located on the outskirts of the city, at a distance of six kilometers from the center, "is a decentralized and independent organizational unit of the Regional Health System (Pe.S.Y.) of East Macedonia and Thrace", as it is referred to at the official website The overall capacity of the hospital is 671 beds, and access is easy, as there is frequent bus service.

  • Evros - Museums

    The visitors of Evros can admire its entire history through the wealth of museums found in every town, but in most of the villages as well. They host objects that recount the region’s as well as the residents’ course over the centuries, as well as important artifact of the past.

  • Evros - Public Services

    See details on all public services operating in Alexandroupolis and the other major cities of Evros.

  • Evros - Villages

    Learn where to stay in Evros, and which places to visit. Browse all the villages, cities and communities on the map, along with nearby points of interest

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