Komara is located in Evros, on the north bank of the Ardas River and is one of the biggest villages in the area. The creation of the modern village of Komara dates around 1780 – 1790. Then, it was the estate of an Aga, where worked Greeks of Adrianoupolis, Ortakioï and northern Thrace. The name Komara – Komarli comes from the Turkish phrase “Kum Aresi”, which in Greek means “between sands”.

With the catastrophic flood of Ardas in the winter of 1931 the residents of Komara were forced to leave the riverbank (Lower Village) and settled about one kilometer northwest. Only the church of Saint Dimitrios, which has been recently rebuilt, reminds of the original site of the village.

Due to the relocation, the structure of Komara is “squared” compared to neighboring villages, such as Therapio or Pentalofos. Komara is the first village we come across passing from the Ardas bridge and so is a crossroads for every visitor of the region.

From Komara came George Stathatos, hero of the Albanian Epic and the National Resistance during the Occupation.

In Komara take place two fests, the one of Saint Demetrius on October 26 and the other of Saint Kyriaki on July 7. Also, revives the custom of “Bey” on Clean Monday, the feast of asparagus, which takes place in the summer as does the football match of Singles-Married, which in recent years has become custom of the village!

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