Korymvos is located in the central part of Evros, near the Greek-Bulgarian borders.

The residents of Korymvos came to the village in 1922 after the Asia Minor catastrophe and originated from Eastern Thrace.

In Korymvos there is an old church, of 1800, dedicated to the Taxiarches (Archangels). The church is a basilica with wooden columns coated with lime, a wooden iconostasis and an engraved plate with a text on the altar. The old villagers are proud that their first bell could be hears from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

In 1950 was repaired the roof of the old church of Korymvos and thus the building maintained in use until 1983, when, under the fear of collapse,  the new Church of Taxiarches was inaugurated.

At “Tilki”, north of Korymvos, there is a stone fountain built by a Muslim resident of the area. The legend says that the tap’s water is in fact miraculous!

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