Port of Alexandroupolis

The port of Alexandroupolis is one of the most important ports of all Greece. It is the only large port of Thrace and the greatest commercial hub of the area. It receives passenger, merchant, fishing and tourist ships. As the railway network of the Region is connected to the port of Alexandroupolis, there is the possibility of cargo loading and unloading from ships to train wagons and vice versa, at two docks.


The port of Alexandroupolis is daily connected by sea with the island of Samothrace, while routes are carried out to the Northeast Aegean islands during summer.


The entrance of the port of Alexandroupolis has an opening of 155 meters, its minimum depth is 6.5 meters and it has the possibility to receive ships of a length of up to 200 meters. It is protected by two breakwaters, the southwestern (upwind) and the eastern (downwind).


The construction of the port of Alexandroupolis began in the 19th century by French manufacturers that came after they had been invited by the then Ottoman authorities. In 1880, the French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses built the Lighthouse that still dominates in the port of Alexandroupolis and has become the city’s symbol.


The port of Alexandroupolis is located in the east of the city and its position is N 40°50’07’’ – E 25°52’05’’. The competent authority is the Central Port Authority of Alexandroupolis. It is six kilometers away from the Democritus International Airport.


The port of Alexandroupolis has:

  • Customs office of SDOE (Financial and Economic Crime Unit)
  • Fish Market
  • Water supplies of international type and 380-Volt current supplies
  • Weighbridge of OLA (Port Authority of Alexandroupolis) SA
  • Tide gauge of the YY (Hydrographic Service)
  • Warehouse of standardized cargo loads, 33×68 m., of OLA SA
  • Warehouses of professional fishermen rented from OLA SA
  • Dock workers housing
  • General Chemical State Laboratory
  • Facilities of the Nautical Athletic Club of Alexandroupolis
  • Two Marine Outposts
  • Slipway for small boats


Central Port Authority of Alexandroupolis

Tel:    25510-26468, 25510-26619

Fax:    25510-37758

Customs office of Alexandroupolis

Tel:    25510-27898

Fax:    25510-21040

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