The village of Evros with the name Ptelea is located just outside Ormenio, on the northeast borders of Greece. The residents come from the villages of Kozoultzikai and Oroumkoy of Eastern Rumelia, current Bulgaria. According to the memories of the refugees, on August 15th, 1925, 1,000 people rose up for the long journey to the new home.

Until 1949 Ptelea was called Ftelia (elm), because of the homonymous trees that grew in the region, as well as its development was favored by the abundant waters of the Evros River. Moreover, the Turks called it Karagatz and Karatsoudi, respective name of elms. The locals still call it Kragatsoudi, while the younger ones refer mockingly to their village as El – Caracas!

The old primary school of Ptelea has been turned into a folklore museum, were are presented modern history, traditions, manners and customs of the area through relics deposited by residents from their family heritage.

In Ptelea operates the church of Saint Athanasius and celebrates on May 2.

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