Roussa, a big Pomak village of Evros near the Greek-Bulgarian borders, is the best architecturally preserved village in the area with admirable masonry and slate roofs at homes and warehouses.

Roussa is known for its megalithic tomb but mostly for the tekke of Roussa, a Bektashi monastery, the second most important sanctuary of the Bektashi Order worldwide and one of the few active worldwide.

For Tekke you will follow the signs on the road Roussa – Goniko. Tekke of Roussa was built in 1402 by the monastic order of the Redheads Bektashi, heretical Muslims. It occupies an area of ​​5,000 square meters in a dense vegetation and the first impression it gives is of a rural settlement.

Today, especially during May – August, Roussa is visited by believers from all the neighboring villages. In tekke is celebrated every year the memory of Saint George, a joint celebration for Christians and Alevis, on May, 6 (according to the old calendar), with the presence of the bishop of Didymoteicho, Orestiada and Soufli.

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