SoHo Absolutely Fabulous

The SoHo Absolutely Fabulous, opened in September 2011 and soon became the most hotspot of Alexandroupoli and reference point for visitors, as its good reputation was quickly spread across the country and beyond.

It took its name from the area of SoHo in New York, which today is one of the most popular destinations for those looking for fashionable and expensive clothing, good food, cosmopolitan nightlife, amazing galleries and outstanding architecture.

It symbolizes free thinking, quality, speed, modern lifestyle, bold and romance. The SoHo Ab Fab, is the biggest city business of its kind and is characterized by the ultimate innovative design, the glamorous atmosphere and the modern service.

47 ways to prepare coffee, 48 different drinks, 18 beers, 49 wine labels, 16 champagne labels, endless number of cocktails (even made-to-order) a full food menu and many promotional events wait for you in the most famous place in the city!

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