Warehouses of the Port

The Warehouses of the Port of Alexandroupolis are buildings of 1870 and were built by the Oriental Railway Company, at the time the port of Alexandroupolis was being constructed and the new city was being built around it. The railway brought trade to the then small port of the Ottoman Empire and the Warehouses of the Port gave a solution to the transports of goods, which then were made through the railway.

First, they were built nine warehouses at the port, which are illustrated in all the photos of that time. They were divided into two complexes, one with five warehouses in the west and one with four warehouses in the east. The two complexes were communicating with iron bridges.

The Warehouses of the Port of Alexandroupolis were destroyed by the English fleet and the forces of Entente that bombed the port in 1915. They were reconstructed around 1930, but not according to the exact original form, as from then onwards the complexes of the Warehouses of the Port consisted of four and three warehouses respectively, total of seven.

During the 20th century, the Warehouses of the Port housed the services of the Customs Service of Alexandroupolis, the Agricultural Department of Evros and the General Chemical State Laboratory. Today, only one building is used by Customs Service, while the rest of the Warehouses of the Port have suffered serious damages. The complex of the three warehouses (in the east) was declared a listed building in 1997.

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