Ithaca - Taverns

Sea shore taverns, modern restaurants, local delicious dishes and desserts that you will definitely want to take back home with you: food in Ithaca is a serious and savory business!

At the beach of Vathi, as well as at Frikes and in Kioni, you will find traditional taverns, where you can enjoy quality food, among the yachts and the boats at the picturesque harbors of the settlements, right on the shore. But this is just a part of the "food experience" Ithaca has to offer. If you are willing to ... invest in the search, a walk through the alleys of Vathi will reveal to you the hidden treasures of the capital: restaurants housed in neoclassical mansions, in green back yards, or on the outskirts of the settlement, where you can enjoy your dinner in the tranquility of the evening dusk.

Most patisseries of Vathi are located at the main square of the small town, where you definitely must ask for the local rovani, a traditional dessert made of honey and rice. You will also find rovani at the villages of the island and in the bakeries of the island. Another famous Ithacan dessert is truffles, that is made here with a special kind of cream.

If you are a fast-food aficionado, crepes, burgers, sandwiches and pies are offered to you 24/7, while at the grill houses of the island you will taste souvlakia and grilled meat ... that you will never forget!

  • Venos tavern

    Enjoy traditional Greek flavors and a wonderful view at the Venos tavern in Perachori of Ithaca.

  • Kalkanis Tavern

    At Kalkanis Tavern in Vathy we offer local delicacies, fresh fish and vegetarian dishes that will satisfy the most demanding.

  • Gyro Gyro Oloi

    Visit Gyro Gyro Oloi tavern in Vathy of Ithaca and enjoy the best traditional Greek souvlaki.

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