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On the evergreen island of the Ionian sea, the small Ithaca, nature has surpassed itself. Verdant mountains and trees that reach all the way to the shore, invite the visitors of the island to see up close all the beauties and mysteries that are hidden away from the center and the crowded beaches, by following dreamy pathways, which will bring you to unique and majestic landscapes.

In the nature of Ithaca you will not find any natural phenomenon that dominates over the rest. Thus, every corner of this land is open to its visitors, who want to get acquainted with the island. Every small path that traverses the countryside of Ithaca, every little cave, hidden in the nature and the vegetation, vertical cliffs that offer an endless view of the Ionian sea, and also small, welcoming woods, are all there for you to "conquer" them.

If you love nature and want to get to know the local secrets, do not hesitate to take one of the orderly and comparatively short paths, that will lead you to quiet, secluded and homeric places and ancient monuments. It is unquestionably worth it to take a walk through the nature of the island, before reaching one of the most secluded beaches of the island - then the dive into the crystal waters of the Ionian sea will be truly purifying!

The best seasons for discovering the nature of Ithaca are definitely spring and autumn, when the heat of the summer has subsided and the colors have taken on unique hues, either the browns of September and October, or the vivid, bright colors of April and May! But since Ithaca's climate is not very hot, hiking is also possible during summer, whereas during the sunny winter days, it is almost compulsory!

  • Λεύκη – Αμμουδάκι

    Το μονοπάτι Λεύκη – Αμμουδάκι, στη βόρεια Ιθάκη,  οδηγεί τους περιπατητές σε μια από τις πιο απόμερες παραλίες της Ιθάκης, μέσα από την καταπράσινη φύση του νησιού.

  • Lefki – Ammoudaki

    The path Lefki - Ammoudaki in northern Ithaca takes hikers through the lush greenery of the island to one of the most secluded beaches of Ithaca.

  • Ανεμοδούρι – Αρέθουσα Κρήνη

    Στο δρόμο προς Μαραθιά από το Βαθύ, συναντούμε μια μπλε ταμπέλα σήμανσης «Αρεθούσα Κρήνη». Από το σημείο αυτό ξεκινά το μονοπάτι που οδηγεί στην πηγή.

  • Anemodouri – Arethousa Krini

    The path Anemodouri - Arethousa Krini, that will lead you to the Homeric spring.

  • Μαραθιάς – Σπηλιώτισσα

    Στο τέλος του δρόμου στο Μαραθιά, εκεί όπου υπάρχουν μπλε ταμπέλες σήμανσης, κατηφορικός χωματόδρομος σας οδηγεί στο σημείο που ξεκινά το μονοπάτι προς το ξωκλήσι της Παναγίας Σπηλιώτισσας. Κόκκινα σημάδια με άσπρο στη μέση θα σας οδηγήσουν σε μια διαδρομή περίπου μισής ώρας με απίστευτη θέα στο Ιόνιο.

  • Exogi – Rusano – Kalyvia – Poli/Stavros

    The beginning of the path Exogi - Rusano - Kalyvia - Poli/Stavros lies on the road to Exogi, marked with the wooden sign "C".

  • Skinos – Gidaki

    From the edge of Skinos beach starts the path to Gidaki, which according to many is the best beach of the island.

  • Palaiochora – Cave of the Nymphs – Vathi

    Palaiochora – Cave of the Nymphs - Vathi: an easy and rewarding hike that will take you from Palaiochora to Vathi.

  • Ανωγή – Κιόνι

    Από το ελικοδρόμιο της Ανωγής, ξεκινάει ένα από τα πιο δημοφιλή μονοπάτια της Ιθάκης. Ακολουθώντας τα κόκκινα σημάδια θα φτάσετε μέχρι το γραφικότερο χωριό της Ιθάκης, το Κιόνι.

  • Anogi – Kioni

    From the helipad of Anogi starts the most popular path of Ithaca, the hike Anogi - Kioni.

  • Skartsoumponisi

    Skartsoumponisi is a small islet that lies off Dexa beach, in southern Ithaca.

  • Nisopoulo

    Nisopoulo of Ithaca is located off the southeastern coast of the island and has beautiful emerald waters!

  • Lazareto

    Lazareto is a small island in the port of Ithaca. It is covered with pine trees and here stands the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

  • Agios Nicolaos

    Agios Nicolaos is the small island with the homonymous chapel across the beach of Marmakas in northern Ithaca.

  • The fountain of Kalamos

    The fountain of Kalamos in northern Ithaca is the only fountain with drinkable water on the island and is identified with the Homeric Melanydros Fountain.

  • The Park of Stavros

    The largest park in the northern village of Ithaca, the Park of Stavros, with tall trees and a beautiful view.

  • The Forest of Perachori

    The forest of Perachori in Ithaca begins right where the houses of the village end. It is a small, but extremely dense and impressive forest.

  • Spilia at Rizes

    Spilia at Rizes is a small cave in southeastern Ithaca, that you can reach by following a short path.

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